25 November 2022

Billy’s remarkable journey

Five-year-old Billy Twitchen has been in and out of Southampton Children's Hospital since 2017, having multiple surgeries, a liver transplant, and cancer. He was in the hospital over Christmas...

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3 November 2022

Skydiving for their patients

The doors open on the plane in mid-air. You shuffle out before freefalling for 45 seconds, heart-pumping, the ground rushing to meet you. Congratulations to our G3 ward ladies...

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15 October 2022

Play in hospital week: making…

This week, we are celebrating Play in the Hospital Week. Mum, Laura Twitcham, talks to Southampton Hospitals Charity about the importance of play at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

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13 October 2022

Nurses take on Snowdonia

Three nurses from University Hospital Southampton took on the highest mountain in Wales. Grace Colesworthy, Kirsty Boyce, and Claire Wilton work on the G6 ward at University Hospital Southampton...

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