24 December 2022

Festive messages for patients

We’ve had some beautiful festive messages come in for our Southampton Children’s Hospital patients following our Christmas campaign to ensure every child will be able to receive a Christmas present over the festive period.
Here are just a few of our favourites, with them all being displayed in the play activity centre for everyone to see!
There’s still time to support us this Christmas!
“Hello darlings. Sad that you are unable to be at home for Christmas, but when we are not very well, the hospital is the very best place to be, with all those special people looking after you. Merry Christmas.”
“We wish you all a very speedy recovery, and that you’re soon home with your Mummy’s and Daddy’s. Have a lovely Christmas and a healthy and happy coming new year.”

“Though you are in hospital over Christmas, I know you will have a really special time. All the doctors, nurses, and other staff will be full of joy and love for you all – smile – laugh – and enjoy this celebration of Christmas.”

“Sorry you are in hospital, but I know the staff will take great care of you. You must be very excited awaiting the visit from Father Christmas and I hope you get the present you requested from him!”

“Have lots of fun and food, and enjoy a super Christmas with all the nice nurses and doctors! Merry Christmas.”

“I expect Santa and his elves are busy visiting you all. Have lots of fun opening your presents and soon you will be taking them home to enjoy as well.”

“Wishing all the children in hospital for Christmas a very Merry Christmas.”

“I do hope that you will soon be feeling better and that Father Christmas leaves you some lovely presents. Wishing you well from me.”

“Love and best Christmas wishes to all children in hospital, and to all children in hospital, the nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners, and everyone else helping to look after them.!


From all of us at Southampton Hospitals Charity, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, healthy New Year. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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