17 November 2022

Hospital team stepping into Christmas

The festive season is already in full swing for one team this winter. This November and December, the GI Physiology team from University Hospital Southampton are walking from Southampton to Lapland, virtually, to raise money for their hospital. That’s an incredible 4,346,496 steps!

Meara Taylor, Scientist Trainee, explains: “My team supports patients with diagnostic tests if they have had any gastrointestinal or bowel symptoms, and provides advice and conservative treatment around this, mainly as outpatient appointments.

There are only 12 of us in the team so we were looking for a challenge to help bring us all together.

With the festive season quickly approaching, we decided to do a step challenge as it was something we could all get on board with and contribute towards.

Many of the team love this time of the year, so of course, it had to be related to Christmas in some way, hence we chose to walk from Southampton Hospital to Lapland. Just a mere 2,000 miles!

We have a spreadsheet to log the steps and, while we are still early on in the challenge, it is a massive motivator to encourage us to do a few more steps each day.

We are very proud to work for this hospital therefore it was an easy choice to support world-class care through Southampton Hospitals Charity.

Support their challenge today!

Making patients smile this Christmas

Help us sprinkle smiles, laughter, and happiness across our hospital this Christmas. You can help make it happen!

Christmas should be about spending special time with family at home, seeing children getting excited, watching them unwrap presents, and spending the big day celebrating. Sadly, for many children in hospital, this just won’t happen.

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