4 October 2022

Winchester Marafun success for Co-op trio

Three members of the Co-op team crossed the finish line of Winchester Half Marathon on 24 September!

Dean Miller, Diego Galusni, and Daniel Haynes all competed in the Winchester Marafun to raise money for us.

Dean has been a long time supporter, and has volunteered at a number of charity events.


Dean ran last months half marathon in memory of his late father, who sadly passed away last year.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Dean explained:

I sprinted down to the finish. I feel fit, but I’m 56 years old. I didn’t have any pain when I was running; it was only when I stopped.

Thirteen miles were tough and I never stopped once. It was an amazing accomplishment.

Everyone at the finish line was banging pans and cheering you on. It was an amazing feeling.

Congratulations to these three amazing runners and everyone else who competed.

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