5 December 2023

Christmas in the hospital 2023

Donate to our Christmas appeal today!

Help us sprinkle smiles, laughter, and happiness across our hospital this Christmas. You can help make it happen!

Christmas should be about spending special time with family at home, seeing children getting excited, watching them unwrap presents, and spending the big day celebrating. Sadly, for many patients in hospital, this just won’t happen.

So we deck our hospital halls with glittering decorations and play fun games, making our wards come alive with smiles, laughter, and happiness.

Thanks to you, we can make our hospital magical for our patients.

By donating £10, you could help our teams provide magical craft materials to decorate our children’s hospital this Christmas.

It can only happen with your support. Click the donate button below to buy a gift for one of our patients.

Festive nurses in a bauble

How your donations could be used this Christmas:

  • £10 could fund puzzles and books to distract our patients and alleviate anxiety
  • £20 could buy a fun game to make a child smile on Christmas Day
  • £40 could buy craft packs to decorate the wards around University Hospital Southampton

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