Individual fundraising

From specialist services to pioneering research, our incredible supporters enhance the care in numerous ways. Often, it’s the smaller things that make all the difference. It’s a newspaper while you’re waiting for the doctor to make their rounds.

By getting involved today, you’re transforming lives in large and small ways at the same time. YOU make it all possible.

Set up your own fundraiser, or take part in one of our events, and make sure you shout about what you are doing. Further downloads can be found in our fundraising toolkit.

Come and be part of our story

Because Bill is much more than a heart condition.

Bill was practising his golfing technique when his son popped around and noticed dad wasn’t looking too well.

He rushed Bill into hospital where he was diagnosed with an infection that circulated in the blood and risked affecting his heart valves.

At first they wouldn’t let me out of bed. It’s pretty boring lying in bed. But when I went down to the medicine for older people hub, I had a very enjoyable chat with some other people.

It’s good when you can find someone to talk to about your shared interests, cameras and aeroplanes.”

The hub was built thanks to the support from our local community for the benefit of our elderly patients.


Last updated: 12.04.2022

Individual Fundraising at Southampton Hospitals Charity