Cancer Care

Our oncology unit at University Hospital Southampton is one of only 12 regional cancer centres in the UK, serving a population of around 1.7 million people.

We are a leader in cancer research and treatment development. Up to 500 patients each year take part in national and international trials, giving them access to new drugs before they become widely available.

We are developing as a global centre of excellence, and are treating more and more patients from outside the Wessex area.

We are renowned for excellent cancer treatment and specialise in:

  • breast cancer
  • gynaecological cancers
  • lymphoma– a cancer that affects white blood cells and the immune system
  • melanoma – a malignant tumour normally found on the skin
  • sarcoma – cancer of connective or supportive tissue such as bone, cartilage, muscle
  • testicular cancer
  • brain cancers
  • gastro-intestinal cancer
  • head and neck cancer
  • leukaemia
  • lung cancer
  • myeloma
  • urological cancer

If you are being treated at our centre, it is likely that you will be having radiotherapy or chemotherapy – or both.

The range of other cancer support facilities include:

How Charity support has impacted the hospital

  • We’ve funded two radiotherapy patient information films to help newly diagnosed patients understand what to expect from the hospital when they are referred to us. Your guide to radiotherapy to the brain at UHS | Your guide to stereotactic radiotherapy at UHS.
  • We’re making a huge difference on D3 cancer ward. We’ve funded vein finders for the ward as when patients have chemotherapy, their veins can become quite hard and shrink away from the skin, making them hard to find. The Vein Finder is making it easier to get the right vein in the first attempt. We also refurbished the quiet room to give patients somewhere quiet to go, away from the noise of the ward, plus refurbished the day room, and funded various equipment for the ward.

  • Because of your support, patients with bladder cancer are now able to receive chemotherapy in our Urology Unit. Until recently, patients cared for at UHS needed to make weekly trips to Salisbury District Hospital to receive their chemotherapy treatments. Now treatment can be delivered at UHS.

  • Our therapy teams developed an upper limb activity box to be used with our patients, mainly those experiencing decreased dexterity or decreased grip strength as a side effect from their cancer or cancer treatment. In the box are some grip strength rings which can aid rehabilitation by squeezing the rubber rings, to help build up patients’ grip strength. We wanted the therapy to be fun for our patients so that they see the tasks as enjoyable!
  • We part-fund the running costs of the Macmillan Cancer and Information Centre in Southampton, plus fund complementary therapy and beauty treatments for patients.
  • 60 chairs for the radiotherapy department for the comfort of our patients.
  • Ultrasound machine for our acute oncology service to further enable staff to access patient’s veins to draw blood and administer medication.