Research and Development

Clinical research is how we develop new treatments and knowledge for better health and care, building the evidence for new approaches that are safe and effective.

We work with thousands of patient and public volunteers to conduct research driving the next generation of treatments and care. These studies involve both patients and healthy volunteers.

Our clinical research could not happen without patients and the public.

With your help, we can gain a better understanding of the conditions we treat, improve our healthcare and save lives.

Coronavirus research

Southampton is part of the national effort to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19.

As we continue those efforts we are restarting and reopening other research studies. This is to ensure we continue to advance care and treatments for our patients across a range of conditions throughout the pandemic.

How Charity support has impacted the hospital?

  • We gave £5,000 from our coronavirus response fund to help the development of respirator hoods for our frontline healthcare workers and support staff to use with Covid+ patients. At the start of the pandemic, a collaboration of University and Hospital staff, with industry partners, developed prototype reusable, battery-powered respirators (PeRSo) as alternative PPE to standard disposable face masks. After initial trials, widespread deployment was approved; in the first wave, over 1500 PeRSos were used, and over 3500 were used during the second wave, all individually requested by staff.
  •  We funded research into amblyopia (lazy eye) conditions with children. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 5,000 “routine” appointments have been cancelled in Southampton alone. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to fund new research to allow our Southampton Children’s Hospital clinicians to monitor children’s sight at home. The Children’s Eye Examination and Testing At Home (CHEETAH) study would initially benefit 300 children over the course of the three year study across Hampshire and potentially have a global impact.
  • We funded research into neonatal Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) – a type of brain injury that develops in babies when there is a lack of oxygen reaching the brain around the time of birth. The research project will enable a team of clinicians and scientists at Southampton Children’s Hospital to focus on improving the accuracy of the evaluation of the brain injury caused by HIE, and how this relates to later neurodevelopmental outcomes.

And most excitingly, we are developing a strategy to embed the Charity within research and development at the hospital over the next few years. More on this soon!