23 February 2021

Understanding our new General Intensive Care Unit

We held a virtual event to discuss our new General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) appeal, how the unit is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and the £1.2 million Charity funding to help make it truly world-class. The videos break down each speaker…

  1. Jeneen Thomsen, Interim Joint Director for Southampton Hospitals Charity
    She thanks all of the donors who have already donated or pledged to help us with wave 2 of the GICU build. So far we have raised £387,000 towards the appeal, so we are around halfway towards the total needed.
  2. Max Jonas, GICU Medical Consultant, University Lecturer and Senior Tutor in Critical Care for University Hospital Southampton
    He talks about the history of the GICU in Southampton, how it has grown and adapted to deal with Covid-positive patients, then compares the old ICU and the new features of the ICU extension which opened in September 2020. He continues by talking about what else can be achieved by the unit with Charity funding.
  3. Zoe Van Willigen, Lead Critical Care Physiotherapist, University Hospital Southampton
    She discussed how rehabilitation is done with patients, what happened in the past, and how the rehabilitation services will adapt with their new space. For the patients, it will mean less distractions, ease for moving to the area, and will mean that they can focus on their recovery, and not just their survival.
  4. Question and answer session with panelists
    Our attendees were encouraged to submit questions prior to the event, and these were then answered in a live panel discussion by the above speakers.

All information was accurate at the time of recording on 18.2.2021.

Overview of the Charity's GICU appeal

Getting to know the GICU in Southampton and what it does

How physiotherapy in ICU's are helping patients recover quicker

Question and answer session

Our General Intensive Care Unit treats around 2,500 every year. All of them have severe, life-threatening conditions ranging from serious infections to injuries from major accidents. And it is where many patients with coronavirus are treated.

A gift to our appeal will help us to kit out the new state-of-the-art unit which is currently being built. Help us to give our sickest patients the world-class care they deserve.

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