30 June 2022

Supporting Pride and Inclusion

This year to support Pride month, Southampton Hospitals Charity have funded NHS rainbow badges.

These are a visible way for staff to show our patients that they will provide open, non-judgemental and inclusive care for anyone who identifies as LGBT+, and our staff at UHS have pledged their support for the initiative.

The initiative aims to make a positive difference by promoting a visible message, with all staff completing a pledge form in support of the culture of inclusivity and diversity at University Hospital Southampton.

As the first port of call for our community when in physical and mental health crisis, we made sure that our Emergency Department staff were the first to receive their badges.

Here are just a few of our staff pledges…

“I want people to know that I am approachable and that I am fully advocate for a Trust that is inclusive and safe. I feel that by wearing the badge, I am supporting any staff member that may feel isolated and worried.”

“As a mother of two LGBT+ children, I am proud to be part of a workplace that promotes a visible message of inclusivity to all LGBT+ colleagues and patients. I know the struggles my children have faced, and are still facing on a daily basis. University Hospital Southampton is promoting a safe and supportive environment where people who are going through the same difficulties as my children can feel heard and able to talk about their sexuality without fear of discrimination.”

“It’s important that all our patients feel supported and comfortable attending their appointments. By wearing the badge I hope to make any LGBTQ+ patients feel they have that support and understanding.”

More staff showing pledges for inclusion

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