4 June 2021

Cortical stimulator for neurological patients

In 2020, Issy Maclay set herself the challenge to ‘virtually’ walk up Everest in order to raise money for our Neurological department.

She ended up raising over £13,924, climbing the height of Everest TWICE!

My favourite part of the challenge was going on bike rides with my dad or playing catch while walking up the stairs with my brother!

I love cricket, so that kept me going when it was getting a bit boring.”

Paul Grundy, UHS Medical Director, operated on her dad James in 2019:

We were relying on an older and outdated piece of machinery. With the purchase of this cortical stimulator, we now we have a state of the art piece of kit for brain surgery.

There will be hundreds of patients who will benefit from this donation. It will be so beneficial to the service. Thank you!”

Dad was treated for a bleed on the brain. When asked how he felt of Issy’s accomplishments:

It is a fantastic achievement. Having something tangible was really important and made it really easy to talk to everyone as to why we were doing it.

It is a cool piece of kit, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. What a year we’ve had!”

Thank you so much to Issy and the Maclay family. Here's Issy's challenge....

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