30 November 2021

Blood pressure machines improving patient experience

University Hospital Southampton is fully equipped to care for everyone’s heart health as one of the largest and most reputable cardiac centres in the UK.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, our staff have adapted their services to protect our patients. Jayne Masters, clinical nurse specialist, explains some of the changes to the cardiac service:

“We are a centre of excellence for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders, and a key piece of equipment to help us monitor this are blood pressure machines.

When the pandemic hit, we trialled monitoring ten of our heart failure patients remotely.

After an initial face to face appointment to teach the patient how to work and read the machine, we gave them all blood pressure machines to take home.

Through remote monitoring, we can adjust some of their life prolonging treatments, and it stops them having to come to clinic for some of their appointments.

This is less disruptive for patients, as remote appointments only take 30 minutes and it reduces travel and waiting times when compared to face to face appointments, allowing quicker access to life changing treatments.

Following the success of the pilot, Southampton Hospitals Charity has funded more blood pressure machines so we can expand upon the success and continue to improve patients access to life-saving medication.

While only suitable for some cardiac patients, this is something we will continue to offer post pandemic.”

Last updated 30/11/2021

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