6 July 2023

75 moments in UHS history

This week we are celebrating all things NHS, as our health service turns 75! There have been some incredible moments in history as healthcare has developed, helping the NHS to grow into the organisation you know it is today.

Below you can read more about how the Charity has been involved in some phenomenal moments in University Hospital Southampton’s (UHS) history including:

  • Funding the first-ever trial to screen for diabetes at a Southampton Football Club match.
  • Creating the Patient Support Hub during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic to support patients who were shielding. This has now grown into a wider support network, thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.
  • In May 2020 we proudly installed Banksy’s Game Changer artwork, later auctioning the piece.
  • Opening our refurbished Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department after raising £2 million in partnership with the Murray Parish Trust.

Read more about these below in our gallery, and check out the digital exhibition for the full 75 moments in UHS history. Our thanks to University Hospital Southampton for letting us reproduce these achievements.

Gallery of how the Charity has supported UHS

Digital exhibition: 75 moments in UHS history

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