8 September 2020

Morrisons Foundation fund Relatives Room

The Morrisons Foundation, who support charities making a positive difference in local communities across the UK, have funded a Relatives Room as part of our new General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) Appeal launched earlier this month.

As part of an initiative involving patients, relatives and staff, the design and function of the Relatives Room serves to provide a private space where staff can talk to families in a calming atmosphere and also give families a place where they can go when they need rest and respite.

The room will be attached to the Palliative Care Suite (*artist impression) allowing staff to provide each patient with a dignified death that properly reflects their personality. Focusing on them rather than their illness. Staff can also be on hand to provide emotional support to those left behind, a key step in the grieving process.

For those patients whose condition will not allow a transfer to a hospice for their final days or hours, the room will provide an environment which feels removed from the clinical, hospital wards. It will allow loved ones to spend their precious final moments together in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Our thanks to The Morrisons Foundation for supporting our Appeal with this £25,000 donation.

To discover more about our General Intensive Care Unit Appeal, click here

Last updated: 08/09/2020

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