Donate to Piam Brown Ward

Piam Brown is the Wessex regional children’s cancer ward.

Children come from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands to receive care on our unit.

Piam Brown ward caters for children with all types of cancer from birth to 16 years old, so demand on our resources is huge. Every year we care for around 120 new patients.

If you wish to fundraise for Piam Brown Ward, please contact

Together we can make a difference.

At Southampton Hospitals Charity, we bring people together to raise life-changing funds for the Piam Brown children’s cancer unit at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

It’s support from the community that makes much of what we do possible. All donations are spent to improve the experiences of all our patients and their families including:

Play Room and Teenagers Room:

There is always an ongoing need to replace and update toys, craft materials, games and activities for the play room as well as the teenagers room.  Both rooms are well used every day.

Trips and Outings:

It is highly motivating and hugely important to provide special opportunities for the whole family, especially siblings, during these difficult times.  We aim to do something with each of the different age groups throughout the year to bring a smile and provide happy family memories.

Parent Facilities:

Parents can find themselves living on the ward for many weeks at a time.  The charity fund helps to create a pleasant environment during these long stays.  We have a parent’s kitchen and sitting room which provide a bit of space in relaxed surroundings.  We have drop down beds and reclining chairs to enable much needed rest.


Our service is very specialised and expensive to run. Whilst the NHS provides all the basics, Southampton Hospitals Charity helps to meet the cost of some of our specialised equipment.

Patient, Family and Staff Wellbeing:

The ward can be a challenging environment and the Charity plays a major role in maintaining the ward’s reputation as “the happiest sad place”.

Research and Education:

The ongoing research and specialised training in Paediatric Oncology enable us to have the fantastic quality of nursing staff to run the ward. Funds are spent to attend conferences, courses etc as well as supporting the research programme.

With your help, we can enhance care, experience and outcomes from hundreds of patients every year. Thank you in anticipation of your kind generosity.

Last updated: 07/01/22