11 January 2021

World-class Urology Centre in Southampton

The urological services at University Hospital Southampton has grown dramatically over the last five years, and in November 2019, a purpose built Urology Centre was created to deal with the current demand, and offer more treatments in Southampton.

The Urology Centre has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and, since it’s opening, has seen over 13,000 appointments, including around 1,200 urological emergencies.

In the Centre, patients from across southern England and the Channel Islands are diagnosed and treated for a range of issues including prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer, renal stones, reconstructive surgery, and complex urinary incontinence.

Clare Tull, Senior Sister, says:

Through Southampton Hospitals Charity, many of our dedicated staff and former patients have fundraised for sky lights and projectors to bring the outside environment inside, as well as colour-changing ceilings lights to help distract patients whilst they undergo treatment.

Further money has meant we could buy additional comfortable seating, and specialist equipment for the benefit of our patients.

Then, not long after we opened, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Through the Charity’s coronavirus response appeal, they have provided privacy screens for staff to take socially distanced breaks, as well as boost boxes for a morale boost. These have made a big difference to the comfort and wellbeing of my team. They were just a small change, but they have had a big effect.”

Thank you so much to the staff and patients for their hard work in fundraising for these added extras.

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Last updated: 11.01.2021

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