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Fill our wards with Christmas magic

Sadly due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to accept presents from individuals due to the risk of infection to our patients.

We want every one of our NHS heroes, and all of the patients they treat, to enjoy a magical festive season – and you can help make it happen! Discover more here.

Making this Easter eggs-tra special!

This Easter we are still having to be vigilant to protect the safety of our vulnerable patients and frontline staff. That’s why, sadly, we can’t accept your Easter treats for our patients or staff this holiday.

But we want to make sure the Easter bunny can still spread some choc-tastic cheer! Email us to discover how you can get involved.

Hospital is never a place where you want to be, but gifts like this show that someone is thinking of them.

Since March 2020, we have provided our staff with thousands of boost boxes and bags to help boost the morale of the staff working on the frontlines and on the Covid-19 positive wards. We appreciate any items that you buy from our current Amazon wishlist, either for our staff or patients.

Whole hospital Amazon wishlist

Thank you!

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic and risk of infection to our patients, we are unable to accept knitting of any kind. We are very sorry, and will update this page when the guidance from our infection prevention team changes.

Our maternity teams currently cannot take any jackets or hats due to a surplus of donations. Last updated: 08/04/2022