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Virtual Wellness Sessions

Videos will be live from Monday 31 August

Many local partners have come together to bring you a suite of virtual activities and sessions.  They have brought their expertise and talents to provide you with a menu of exciting and informative videos, that are available at your leisure.

Below you can see a wide variety of workshops, classes and information and guidance.  Whether it be support and information or just fun and entertainment there is something for you here in our wellness collection.

All of these sessions are free to access.  They will be going live on Monday 31 August and once you have registered you will have access to them all.

We are grateful to all of our partners for their contribution.  We could not have brought this to you without their continued support.

Virtual Wellness Sessions

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the current mass gathering restrictions, Southampton Hospitals Charity is launching its virtual Wellness Week to provide activities and help people cope better in these extraordinary times.

As isolation and anxiety levels have risen and impacted our emotional and mental wellbeing it is now more important than ever to seek help and support when you need it. The Wellness Week brings together a variety of speakers from Psychologists, Play Therapists and Award winning chefs to bug experts and slime champions to provide some fun, inspiring and helpful ideas to be healthier and happier.

Join us to be inspired, entertained and feel more supported. Register on our website for access to the sessions.

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