3 February 2022

Video games helping to distract cancer patients

Rachel Funnell, Piam Brown children’s cancer ward charity coordinator, explains: “It has been a difficult few years on the ward, particularly since the onset of coronavirus.

For our inpatients, we have had to introduce additional infection prevention measures in order to keep them safe.

This meant that patients could not move freely around the ward, and our playroom and school room were closed during the height of the pandemic.

Thankfully, each bed space has a television and Xbox One, and we have a number of games for the children to play, which are provided through Southampton Hospitals Charity. These provide an escape for the children from their treatment plans and the hospital environment.

Unfortunately, because they get used so much, the controllers and games have a limited duration, so we are so thankful to companies like Get Well Gamers for providing us with additional gaming equipment which we can use with the children.”

Stuart Ower, Get Well Gamers, says: “As a Charity, we take donated video games and consoles to hospitals so they can provide a power-up for the patients!

Video games are an effective and proven pain management tool, providing much-needed entertainment for young people during long hospital stays, and we are delighted to be able to provide these for Southampton’s Piam Brown ward.”

About Piam Brown Ward

Piam Brown Ward is the children’s cancer ward within Southampton Children’s Hospital.  Days are long and procedures can be unpleasant for the children, who welcome any distraction. These games will be invaluable to them.

Discover more about how Southampton Hospitals Charity supports Piam Brown Ward.

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