3 October 2023

Training for ABP Southampton Marathon races

Jake Neale is already training for the ABP Southampton Marathon races 2024. As a non-runner, he wanted to leave enough time to build up to his first half marathon. Learn how he has approached his training, and what inspired him to run for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

“I’ve lived in Southampton my whole life, and work at Kingfisher as an operation acceptance lead to provide their IT solutions.

I’ve never really been a runner, but in November 2022 I challenged myself to run 60km throughout the month. This was an incredible challenge for someone who is very much still a novice at running, but I am proud to say that I completed it by doing multiple short runs!

I’m only 26 years old, and I wanted to keep testing myself, which is why I signed up to run the ABP Southampton Half Marathon in April 2024.

I have a very hot and cold relationship with running. I will be really into it for a while, then it will simply drop off and I will not run again for a long time.

By signing up for the 2024 run, I knew that couldn’t give it up, and that I had to keep pushing myself for the next eight months.

I’d say that just going out and running is the hardest in your mind. Getting over the mental hurdle. I started using the couch to 5K and that is probably the best thing I could recommend for all new runners, or those getting back into running.

Pushing myself to get out there and run was definitely the hardest thing when I was starting, but the feeling after going for a run was definitely worth it. It was a slow process, but I’ve now increased to being able to run a 10K.

When I signed up for the half marathon, I saw that you could run for charity, and chose to do it for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

As my local hospital, I’ve been to University Hospital Southampton many times either for myself, family, or friends. At some point in their life, everyone is going to have used a hospital, and some of the work they do in Southampton is absolutely incredible!

When I was in hospital, I couldn’t ask any more from the staff, so this is my way of giving back.

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ABP Southampton Marathon is the flagship sporting event on the South Coast, offering runners 10km, half marathon, and marathon distances.

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