16 July 2020

Supporting our NHS heroes

“StaffLine has been the outward face of an enormous piece of work to support our staff through what has been an unprecedented time for our staff during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The uncertainties, the fear, the exhaustion, the risk, the threat to self and family all came quite suddenly for a workforce who were already tired with many feeling burned out.”

The support from Southampton Hospitals Charity has allowed us to fund Psychologists, Therapists and Psychological First Aid Specialists to be available to help staff in a moment of crisis.”

They work with individuals one-on-one to help them deal with their distress in the short term, mostly keeping them well enough to carry on working. And now, more lately, increasing their in-reach work into teams and groups of staff as the enormity of their recent experience hits staff hard.”

StaffLine, Proudly Supported by Southampton Hospitals Charity

The StaffLine offering, which reaches way beyond the phone line into departments and the lives of individuals, has become a fundamental part of how we hold staff close and care for them through this crisis to ensure they have the energy and motivation to carry on their crucial work. We are so grateful for this support, thank you all.”

– Dr Liz Donovan, Medical Lead for the Staff Support Team

Coronavirus response fund

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our coronavirus response fund, and made initiatives like StaffLine possible.

We’re so proud of how our frontline and essential workers have responded to the coronavirus pandemic, however it is not yet over.

Remember to do your part to keep our hospital and community covid-zero by washing your hands frequently, walking apart from others, and wearing a face masks.

Last updated: 17/07/2020

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