22 June 2020

Summer 2020 special edition newsletter

It’s now been four months since coronavirus first hit Southampton. And from day one, our staff have been right here on the frontline protecting our community.

But they know they aren’t alone. Because amazing people like you responded to our emergency appeal, helping to bring urgent emotional and practical support to these NHS heroes.

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Every penny you’ve donated to our coronavirus response appeal shows our NHS heroes how much they are appreciated and valued.

So when coffee shops closed and supermarkets faced shortages, you were right there with hot drinks and wellbeing packs including snacks and hand cream. You funded radios, fridges and microwaves, and helped create wellbeing rooms where staff can relax and recharge.

But the crisis isn’t over: there’s so much more we need to do.

Supporting the NHS, Southampton Hospitals Charity

In hospital we’ve had to make vital changes to keep our patients safe. Sadly, that means many can’t see family and friends – so feel lonely and isolated.

Together we can keep them connected with loved ones, fight boredom while they’re in hospital and help them cope when they return home. Help us to buy:

  • Care packs for our most vulnerable patients being discharged from hospital who need to self-isolate or shield to support them after they leave us.
  • iPads and cordless phones so patients can speak to loved ones whilst in hospital.
  • Games, magazines and puzzles to help our patients recover and pass the time.

It might not seem like a lot of ask, but to a patient unable to see family while in hospital, or walk to the shops after they’ve been discharged, it will make a real difference.

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Discover the latest from the Government on the coronavirus pandemic here. Last updated: 22/06/2020

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