18 August 2021

Stones bring comfort to hospital staff

Having worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic, the toll on our staff has been relentless, both physically and emotionally.

Throughout this time the Chaplaincy team have been providing spiritual and emotional support to staff at University Hospital Southampton.

Recently, the team have been giving out special stones to bring comfort to staff. Imam Mohammed Sirajul Islam, Acting Chaplaincy Manager, explains:

We are currently expanding upon the reflective sessions which we hold for staff in the chapel, staff hubs and other staff areas.

We bought some inspiration stones to give staff something tangible to hold during these sessions, or to take away with them to reflect upon at a later time. Messages include words of Courage, Hope, Om Shanti, Faith, Tawakkul, Kindness, Salam, and Smile.

We used over 100 in the first week! Thanks to donations to the Southampton Hospitals Charity coronavirus response fund, we will be continuing with this initiative as another way that we can support our staff.”

Discover more about how the Charity has been supporting staff through the pandemic.

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