27 June 2022

Shaving her head for theatres

Julie Martin is a Sister in Children’s Theatre Recovery at Southampton Children’s Hospital. This July, she will be braving a head shave for her patients. Here’s why…

“I’ve worked within the theatres team for eight years, and I am passionate about where I work.

We care for tiny premature babies and patients up to the age of 18, both pre- and post-surgery; this can be any type of surgery that our patients need.

A key part of my job is to help keep everyone calm and comfortable. It is scary for both the children and parents, so I want to help reduce the stress and make the areas less clinical.

Currently, there is nothing for them to look at while they are waiting for surgery, and all toys have been removed due the coronavirus pandemic and the increased risk of infections.

We want to introduce colourful murals to the walls, going from the waiting room right along to the theatres. These will help to distract them and will show the journey that they are taking through our department.

The artwork will include a Savannah in the entrance, leading through to an aquarium* and jungle scenes in different locations.

Along the route we will be able to ask the children how many monkeys, parrots, and fish they can spot!

But to make this a reality, we need your help.

On 1 July I will be braving a head shave to raise money for Southampton Hospitals Charity. I currently have long, thick hair and will go to a grade 1 through this challenge. It is going to be a real change for me, but I know it will be worth it for the children!

I hope to donate my old locks to the Little Princess Trust to help others in need.”

*Artists impression only

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