2 June 2021

Play on our children’s cancer ward

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our Piam Brown children’s cancer ward at Southampton Children’s Hospital had to run differently over the last year.
The nurses looked different in PPE, and despite the fact Southampton Hospitals Charity could not organise any trips or outing, the ward Play Specialist Claire embraced the challenge…
“The first lockdown saw us having to think of a new way to allow families on the ward opportunities to interact with each other, especially as everyone was confined to their cubicles.
We had just completed a Zoom session with the Therapy Dogs which worked amazingly, and so we asked some of the teenagers on the ward what else we would do to encourage group activities.”
This was how the PB Friday Afternoon Quiz began! Families from on the ward joined in, and even once discharged home, they continued to join in. It was the social highlight of the week so many, and we really saw which families were the most competitive!
Play is crucial within hospital, and Southampton Hospitals Charity are proud to fund the Play Leader role on Piam Brown Ward.

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