12 April 2022

Parental bed for children’s emergency department

The children’s emergency department at Southampton Children’s Hospital deals with life-threatening emergencies.

Jenna Burchmore, Senior Sister, says: “Most children who stay in the short stay assessment unit of the children’s emergency and trauma department will do so at night so medical staff can observe their health a little bit longer.

Having a bed for the parents is massively beneficial as they could spend hours in other parts of the department having scans or tests. The parent bed means that they no longer have to stay on a plastic chair overnight, but instead can lie down next to their child and get some rest while we continue to look after their child.”

Our thanks to Natasha and Lance Beatty from the Lahna Appeal, a fund of Southampton Hospitals Charity, for raising the money for a parent bed.

Natasha comments, “When you have a sick child, you will do anything for them, no matter what the time of the day is.

We were told there was no fold-up parent bed in one of the short-stay assessment units bays, so we were determined to fund this for future parents coming through the hospital.”

Choose well

Our emergency departments are currently under pressure as demand on services and the volume of 999 calls continues to soar across Hampshire.

Before coming to the emergency department for treatment, please consider if there are other options from self-care, NHS111, pharmacy, GP surgeries, to minor injuries units.

“With over 400 daily attendances in our emergency department so far this week, we really need people to use alternative services if their condition is not life threatening. Our clinicians will always see the people who are in need of emergency treatment, but those who have non-life threatening injury or illness can make it easier and quicker for us to do that by seeking medical help elsewhere.” Joe Teape, UHS Chief Operating Officer

About the Lahna Appeal

When Natasha and Lance Beatty suddenly lost their five-month-old daughter Lahna Tula to a viral condition that lead to heart failure, they were determined to ensure a lasting legacy for her.

In 2009 they launched the Lahna Appeal in her memory to fund both pioneering and routine equipment for Southampton Children’s Hospital.

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