27 January 2021

One year on: helping our NHS heroes

NHS workers have faced months of intense pressure, working to care for and protect patients and our community.

Our NHS heroes are remarkable. Having worked tirelessly since March, the toll on our staff has been relentless both physically and emotionally. But they step up time and time again. It’s what they do.

Read these excellent pieces which were in the news:

  • Daily Echo: Southampton NHS Hospital appeal hits incredible cash milestone (published 25/01/2021)
  • The Mirror: Inside ICU as train driver dad who got Covid at Christmas begs ‘don’t be idiots’ (published 31/01/2021)

We are nursing in survival mode. We cannot offer a smile, a shoulder rub, or a hand to hold. We are trapped behind PPE which leaves its marks of trauma on our faces and aches for hours and days after we take it off.

The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it, and UHS is full of fighters.” – Isla Young, Senior Sister, Emergency Department

Over the past year…

  • We provided 45 iPads and over 100 cordless phones and radios to patients not able to receive visitors. This has given patients a chance to see and talk to their loved ones.
  •  We opened wellness rooms, which are dedicated spaces across the hospital where staff can sit, briefly relax and make a hot drink.
  • We helped fund 6,690 free hot meals for staff to keep nourished during these busy times.
  • We’ve installed over 100 refreshment stations across UHS, 15 fridges and provided 20 microwaves for staff to use.
  • We provided boost boxes to all wards across UHS consisting of various snacks, toiletries and other small gifts like hand creams and lip balm.
  • We’ve funded specialist psychological support for staff through Staffline, a free phone service.
  • We’ve supported the opening of the Patient Support Hub to support our most vulnerable patients during the pandemic.
  • We funded free access for patients to the hospital bedside entertainment system for three months.
  • New! We have funded UHS’ Florence Nightingale Frontline Service: an emotional wellbeing service that allows nurses and midwives a safe space to discuss and work through the challenges of nursing in a pandemic.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our incredible community. YOU made this happen!

However, this pandemic is far from over.

Support our NHS Heroes today:

Watch to our Charity Interim Directors talk about our coronavirus response appeal...

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