2 March 2022

Niggles and Niceties campaign to benefit neuro patients

The Wessex Neurological Centre was very fortunate to have some incredible supporters in 2021, raising money through Southampton Hospitals Charity. Here’s how our neuro teams are using the money.

Gail Doran, Care Group Manager, says: “This January I asked the teams from across all our areas to put forward ideas to help improve the experience of our patients and our staff – to suggest the niceties and to fix the niggles!

Due to the incredible support from the Charity last year, I was able to allocate an initial £30,000 to fund these ideas.

Through this Niggles and Niceties list, we’ve already ordered the items below and ideas are still coming in:

  • 45 radios for three ward areas to provide entertainment and enable personal choice for our patients
  • Fidget toys and mindfulness activities for all wards to help with rehabilitation and fine motor skills, as well as providing a useful distraction during their hospital stay
  • ‘Buddy’ chairs that provide a comfortable, full-reclining chair so that loved ones can stay with patients when needed
  • Replacement kettles and microwaves for the staff rest rooms

Staff really welcomed the opportunity to improve the experience for both our patients and the environment they work in, so we are now leaving this format open permanently for staff to continually develop our service.

Our thanks to everyone who has contributed (and continue to contribute) to our neurological general purpose fund to make this possible.”

Brain tumour awareness month

March is brain tumour awareness month. Whilst treating and caring for patients with brain tumours is only a small part of what our incredible neurological team do, it is important to highlight the impact that a brain tumour diagnosis has on our patients’ lives.

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