1 June 2021

My bit of doing something

In 2019, Phil had a heart attack and an unexpected stay in hospital. He shares his story and why he chose to set up a Direct Debit to support his local hospital.  

“We now call it heart attack hill!

Back in September 2019 my wife and I were walking the South West Coast Path, close to Tintagel.  We’d made a series of walks that week, and on one day I really struggled up one of the hills.

Surely, I wasn’t so unfit: I cycle; I play footy. We were now three quarters of our way round the coast path, but that day I really struggled.

On returning home to Chandler’s Ford, I went straight to the Doctors with left sided chest pains.

I was immediately directed to University Hospital Southampton and admitted. The next morning I went to theatre to have an angiogram – a camera tracking around my heart at the end of a thin wire.

“We’ve found a blockage, it’s quite a big one, but don’t worry, we’ll have you fixed in thirty minutes, and get a stent inserted,” said the Consultant Cardiologist.

It’s not until you need the help of the NHS, that you truly appreciate the professionalism and dedication of those who work in it.  It’s a vocation as we’ve heard so recently with the pandemic.

It also wasn’t until then that I realised that the hospital had its own Charity to support the small things that make a big difference to both staff and patients alike.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” is a phrase that came to my mind.

There are so many good causes and charities you can choose to donate to, but after my experience of the care I received and the people who helped me, I wanted to make a small donation: my bit of doing something.

I donate monthly by Direct Debit; it’s the cost of a couple of pints, or a bottle of wine.  I need to watch my health now, so I am very happy to miss those drinks, and know that my donation is doing something. And, on the upside, with my stent inside, I’m back on the hills!

Thank you to Phil and everyone who has set up, or is considering setting up, a Direct Debit or Standing Order to support our hospital.

Your thoughtful donations are helping sponsor projects like those you are reading about in this newsletter.

We are so grateful for everything that your generosity has made possible.

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