15 November 2021

Launch of research fund to benefit patient care

Southampton Hospitals Charity (SHC) has partnered with the Research & Development team to fund innovative research projects with the potential to demonstrate direct benefit to UHS patients.

Over the next few months, SHC will run a call for grant awards designed to provide researchers with seed funding to develop their proposals, totalling up to £100,000 in total. This will enable clinicians and researchers to prove their hypotheses, gather preliminary data and secure future grants.

The total number of projects awarded will be determined by quality and impact. An exceptionally strong case for funding should be presented for any project costing over £50k. The deadline for submissions is 26 January 2022.

Fundraising will launch once the successful projects have been selected and projects are therefore not expected to commence until 9-12 months after award confirmation i.e., not before January 2023.

All research designs, disciplines, and scope, except for basic science projects, will be considered.

SHC has identified a number of research areas for this round, based on the potential for timely fundraising:

  • cancer care
  • cardiology
  • child health, including neonatal
  • neurology
  • ophthalmology

Jeneen Thomsen, Interim Joint Director at SHC said,

The Charity is thrilled to be launching our research fund to support clinicians and researchers who share our determination to enhance care for our patients at UHS. This is a great opportunity for us to accelerate funding as we move forward into an exciting future.”

Dr Karen Underwood, Interim Director of Research & Development at UHS said,

We’re proud to establish this fund together with our hospital charity. It will empower our clinicians to answer the questions that matter most to our patients and communities, driving further investment and studies. It is everything UHS is about. Clever, committed and completely focussed on our people and improving what we do for them.”


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