18 October 2021

How to maintain your mental health

Here are our top tips for maintaining mental health during the pandemic:

  • Take time to prioritise yourself.
  • Spend time in nature or just being outside.
  • Build in regular exercise. This could be going to the gym or a short walk
  • Keep connections open with loved ones, even if you can’t meet physically.
  • Do what makes you feel good. This could be singing in your car or spending time with pets.

We also recommend downloading ‘How to stay calm in a global pandemic’ by Dr Emma Hepburn.

How to help children

Young people lost a lot of things that makes life predictable, so it is crucial to think about how to give children routine, prioritising sleep and maintaining boundaries even during a very stressful time. At times when everything is upside down, they need to feel safe and secure.

This is important for all of us, but especially for children to have access to a range of activities to give them a sense of purpose and achievement but also a sense a pleasure, fun and enjoyment.

Further information about how the Charity is supporting staff and patient mental health can be found on recordings from our mental health virtual event.

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