6 October 2021

Hospital super-heroes special award

These awards are designed by University Hospital Southampton (UHS) to recognise some of the people who have gone above and beyond to support the hospital and our patients over the last 18 months.

This year due to Covid restrictions, the annual awards ceremony was held online by David French, Chief Executive Officer for UHS. Our staff can watch the full vide on Workplace to see the full list of winners for the different categories.

Charity Star Awards

This charity award celebrates the heroic efforts of one of our own. A person who’s taken on a huge epic challenge to raise money for Southampton Hospitals Charity to help improve our patient services.

Winner – Laura Sinclair

Congratulations to Laura Sinclair, Midwife on the Labour Ward at Princess Anne Hospital. In 2019 Laura took on the challenge of swimming the distance of the English Channel to raise awareness and funds for Labour Ward.

She completed this challenge raising over £1,000 for all the woman and babies in our care.

This wasn’t the end though. She decided that following the success of this event, and with the pools re-opening following lock down restrictions, she would rally her team-mates and supporters to encourage others to get active again.

She initiated the virtual swim challenge so more of the team could get involved with.

“It was really flexible, meaning that everyone could pick a distance that suited how well they could swim, so it would be a personal challenge for each of us.”

Laura is really passionate about where she works, and wants to help improve the services and facilities for all of the women, families and babies that we welcome into their care. Laura championed this fundraiser and really shows the true spirit of UHS by putting her colleagues, patients and their families are the fore front of her goals.

Runners Up

Julian Smith and Tim Bryant (Urology)

Julian Smith, Tim Bryant and Tim’s son Charlie took on the challenge of rowing 1 million metres to raise for Southampton Hospitals Charity. They were challenged by an Anaesthetist during an operation to take on a Rowvember challenge as opposed to Movember.

Together they thought that this would be a great initiative to raise vital funds for the department, as well as celebrate the one year anniversary of the opening of  the Urology Centre at University Hospital Southampton.

Raising £1,400 and showing great spirits and enthusiasm, they truly deserve the recognition of this runners-up award.

Gail Doran (Wessex Neurological Centre)

Since joining the Trust, Gail has been a huge supporter and advocate of the Charity.

She has gone over and above to ensure Charitable funded refurbishment projects have started and is so passionate about getting them finished so we can feedback to our supporters and patients’ families. This also encourages additional support from our wider community when they can see the impact their fundraising has made.

She has supported and encouraged lots and lots of proactive fundraising for the charity to enhance neuro and the supporting services, and at every opportunity supports her staff to do this.

She is always ready to smile for a camera or assist in arranging a thank you presentation for the supporters of Neurology.

Gail really lives the Trusts values, and puts the staff and patients first in all decisions. Her support in promoting the hospitals charity doesn’t stop with neurology, as she always sees the wider hospital and the links that her care group has with the whole Trust. She is a true champion.

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