17 January 2020

Getting fit and healthy for Charity

Dave Kinloch, 37, from Botley, has been an avid supporter of Southampton Hospital Charity over the last year, taking on many different physical activities.

“In August 2018, I was unfit and overweight. According to my BMI, I was obese.

Deciding enough was enough, I challenged myself to lose weight and so I rose to the challenge, losing 20 kilos/44 pounds in just over a year.

Most of the time I like running though I won’t lie, it is hard work. I am not a runner, even after a year of it.

I took on my first 5k at a Park Run on New Year’s Day 2019, and ran it in 26 minutes and 34 seconds. This is still one of my personal bests!

I go out running two or three times a week, in most weather, and did my first half marathon in November.

David Kinloch, Southampton Hospitals Charity Supporter

I found that joining a running club really helped to keep me motivated. I hit the 10k wall and wasn’t progressing, and so needed the motivation to keep going.

I’ve already signed up to the Southampton half marathon for 2020, and want to run it in under two hours. I have a lot of winter training ahead of me!

I’m an advanced nurse practitioner in vascular surgery at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) which is an incredible hospital. There are some people very dear to me who have been treated here, and others that are going through treatment in different parts of the hospital, and have been well looked after by the staff.

I want to make sure that the hospital, and the staff get all the support they need.  By fundraising for Southampton Hospital Charity to raise life-changing funds for UHS, I’m helping to enhance the hospital experience for staff, patients and their families.

For all those thinking about signing up to the ABP Southampton races, I say go for it. Raising money for charity makes it worthwhile.

My experience shows that it is do-able to sign up in January and run a race in April. I ran the ABP Southampton 10k last year. Just remember that there is only one person in the race, and that’s you.”

Last updated: 17/01/2020

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