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Festive day

Thank you for signing up to join in with our Festive Day celebrations!

Whether you are hospital staff, or a local business/school, we hope you go big in order to support your National Elf Service.

Don your favourite Christmas jumper, socks, earrings, or go full elf. Don’t forget to email us with your plans and photos!

Making Christmas Magical

Christmas should be about spending special time with family at home, seeing children getting excited, watching them unwrap presents, and spending the big day celebrating. Sadly, for many patients in hospital, this just won’t happen.

So we deck our hospital halls with glittering decorations and play fun games, making our wards come alive with smiles, laughter, and happiness.

Further details of our campaign to fill our wards with Christmas magic can be found here.


Watch our 2022 Christmas light switch on