28 December 2023

Transform Your Shopping into Support with easyfundraising

What if you could turn your everyday purchases into a force for good without spending an extra penny? Enter easyfundraising, a platform that seamlessly combines the joy of shopping with the opportunity to make a positive impact.

easyfundraising operates on a simple yet powerful model. By partnering with a diverse array of brands, the platform allows users to direct a portion of their spending towards charitable causes of their choice. The best part? It doesn’t cost users anything extra. The commissions are covered entirely by the brands involved.

When users initiate their shopping journey through the easyfundraising website or app, the platform tracks their engagement. Subsequently, when a purchase is made, the brand pays easyfundraising a commission. This commission is then transformed into a charitable donation, benefitting charities like us.

By simply choosing to start your online shopping journey through easyfundraising, you’re actively contributing to charitable causes without any additional cost. This innovative approach to fundraising enables users to support your preferred charities effortlessly.

Getting started with easyfundraising is a breeze. Interested individuals can sign up on the easyfundraising website here, create an account, and select Southampton Hospitals Charity as your designated cause. Once registered, users can explore the extensive list of partner brands, find your favourite retailers, and commence your shopping journey. The rest is taken care of by easyfundraising – from tracking purchases to converting commissions into charitable donations.

If you can, please sign up for easyfundraising and designate Southampton Hospitals Charity as your chosen cause, by choosing us the impact of collective contributions can be magnified, making a tangible difference.

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