Support our Coronavirus Response Appeal

C5 have cared for conscious patients, receiving non-invasive ventilation, they have experienced their fear and have held the phone to the face of the dying so their family can give some words of comfort. It has often been difficult, practically and emotionally but the team throughout have been amazing showing true camaraderie and huge compassion for their patients.”

Sarah Herbert, Divisional Head of Nursing

It’s hard not to miss the media coverage about the ‘second wave’ of the coronavirus pandemic. The prospect of increased coronavirus patients in addition to the normal winter pressures means that coping for our staff and patients can at times feel daunting.

NHS workers have faced months of intense pressure, working to care for and protect patients and our community. Our doctors, nurses, porters, maintenance staff (to name a few) have been remarkable. They know the risks of going into work every day, yet they do it with no complaints.

Having worked tirelessly since March, the toll on our staff has been relentless both physically and emotionally. But they will step up again. It’s what they do.

As a Charity, we rely on donations from events and community activities to raise vital funds to support our staff and patients, but the pandemic has meant that our events have been cancelled, which has had a detrimental impact on our fundraising.

Having learnt so much from the ‘first wave’, we know how to support our staff, but we can only do this with your help.

Right now, staff across University Hospital Southampton continue to work tirelessly to deliver care to those who need it most. Many are still working longer shifts, extra days and continuing to spend a lot of time away from their home and families to keep them safe and ensure every patient receives the care they deserve.

As an NHS Charity we believe we should do all we can to support our staff across the Trust, in whatever way we can, and by donating to our coronavirus emergency appeal you can help too.

Donations to this appeal will help us to:

  • Support staff wellbeing and psychological support
  • Fund wellbeing packs for staff
  • Enhance staff spaces to provide comfortable internal and external areas for staff to sleep or take a break during/after their shifts
  • Help where it is most needed

As our staff look after coronavirus patients in their greatest hour of need, you can help us take care of their wellbeing.

Thank you

Supporting the NHS, Southampton Hospitals Charity

Thank You from Southampton Hospitals Charity to all the local and national businesses who have supported NHS staff at University Hospital Southampton by providing charitable donations during the Covid pandemic.

We want to thank: Ahmad Tea, Amazon UK, Asda, Aspin, Avon, Bayer, Blue Light Card, BHS Home Appliances, Bosch, Carnival UK, Cavendish Foods, CooperVision, Critical Software, Desty-Marine, ElemenTel, eToro, Fairy Bricks, FedEx Express, Healthcare Computing, Hilton Ltd, IKEA, Ineos, Innocent, JB Associates, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Knight & Wilson, Krispy Kreme, LST Projects, MGA Entertainment, Nestle, Novum Law, Ofai Office Furniture, One Stop, Paris Smith, Petty Wood, Premier Foods, PwC, REED Recruitment, Signs Express, Southampton Airport,  Tesco, Trago Lounge and Santo Lounge.

We hope you’re proudly displaying our NHS Supporter Stamp for all to see.

If your business would like to support NHS front line staff please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear from you.

Last updated: 12/11/2020