Support mums and babies

Help us raise money to enhance care for mums and babies who require extra hospital care at Princess Anne Hospital.

Your support will provide equipment for new mums on the Burley and Lyndhurst postnatal wards, many of whom are separated from their babies in the neonatal unit.

You will also be helping mums on the Transitional Care Unit whose babies are with them but need a little more help.

The aim of the new Transitional Care Unit is to keep mothers and babies together, thus preventing admission to the Neonatal Unit.

Currently, the mothers who are expressing breast milk need to go down two floors to the Neonatal Unit every time they wish to sterilise their expressing kit.

They are often in the early postnatal period, are tired, sore and worried about their poorly baby.

Needing to leave their little ones can add unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Join us on our mission.

With your support, we are fundraising £2,500 for:

  • An industrial microwave to sterilise expressing kits.
  • A milk warmer to ensure that babies needing additional feeding support on Transitional Care or the postnatal wards can have their milk warmed to safe temperatures.

Having access to these pieces of equipment cannot be under estimated in giving new mums more independence in caring for their baby or babies.

With your help we can transform care, together.