General Intensive Care Unit Appeal

Our General Intensive Care Unit treats around 2,500 every year. All of them have severe, life-threatening conditions ranging from serious infections to injuries from major accidents. And it is where many patients with coronavirus are treated.

A gift to our appeal will help us to kit out the new state-of-the-art unit which is currently being built. Help us to give our sickest patients the world-class care they deserve.


Your gift today will help fund:

  • A rehabilitation zone: This area is vital to patients’ recovery, helping them to regain independence and build strength to leave the unit.
  • A palliative care suite: The new suite will give patients who are dying the comfort and dignity they deserve.
  • Relatives room: A quiet space is needed for clinicians to have difficult conversations with relatives, or to allow loved ones the chance to take a break away from the intensity of the unit.
  • Staff rest area: A place for staff to take a much needed break during long, emotional shifts.
  • Humidity controlled room: A humidity controlled room would allow staff to treat burns patients here in Southampton.
  • Electrostatic privacy glass: Understandably patients and their families require privacy, and using a special glass, this can be done by the switch of a button.
  • Polychromatic lights: These can be used to mimic daylight or to create a calming environment which can reduce confusion and the long term effects of delirium.

Intensive care patients have experienced huge trauma or deterioration and need the highest level of care. We need to rescue the patient’s condition or halt it from getting any worse. This is the highest level of escalation; there is nowhere else they can go.” Liz Middlehurst, Matron Critical Care.

Our intensive care unit is 46 years old, and the rooms are not designed to meet the demand for our urgent life-saving care. As a centre of excellence and the regional trauma centre, the unit has seen a 13% increase in demand over the last five years. The current infrastructure was not designed to cope with this increasing demand for complex care for critically ill patients.

Help us to raise £1.2 million to make our new General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) the very best it can be.

If you would like more information about this appeal, please email