Sensory retreat for children

Play and distraction are important, but often underrated, elements in the treatment of poorly children.

Through play and exploration, the play therapists at Southampton Children’s Hospital support children and young people to make sense of what is happening in their treatment.

Medical play helps children feel more comfortable with the equipment and reduces the need for painkillers and sedation.

In recent years, Southampton Children’s Hospital, in partnership with Southampton Hospitals Charity, funded the refurbishment of the playroom on G2, Paediatric Medicine, to make it a more engaging area for children.

The play team would now like to renovate the play room on G3 (Paediatric orthopaedics). The current room is not functional or engaging for young patients. The hope is that the room on G3 can be brought up to a similar standard to provide a much needed space for children and young adults to gain some privacy, watch a movie or take their mind off their hospital stay.

We need to raise £35,000 for this retreat to be created.


Evie’s story

The play team look after our whole family. I really don’t know what I’d without them as the retreats make Evie’s hospital experience so much better.

It would be brilliant to have more of them.”

Can you help us create retreats for children like Evie in Southampton Children’s Hospital?

  • £35 – could help pay for a book / toy shelf.
  • £300 – could help pay for a sound system.
  • £399 – could help pay for a solar 250 LED projector.
  • £685 – could help pay for an interactive bubble column.

Last updated: 11/03/2020

Evie with her family