Refurbishing our elderly care wards

Help us set a whole new standard in caring for older patients.

One where we can treat the whole person – not just their illness or injury. With your help we can create:

  • A place to exercise the body and mind.
  • A place to feel safe and sound.
  • A place that’s close to home.

Help us to place patients at the heart of everything we do by creating a world class department for the care of older people over the age of 65.

Every year we treat 4,500 frail or elderly patients within University Hospital Southampton. Since 2014 we’ve seen an increase of about 1,000 patients annually who are living longer with multiple health conditions.

Give older patients in your local hospital a chance to recover – and to regain their independence. Help us to revolutionise the care which is given to our elderly patients.


Building a gym for rehabilitation

The rehabilitation team work with patients to assess people’s function, to improve their independence, or to see if they need any equipment to help them at home.

A new gym shows our patients they are worth investing in.

By having a purpose build gym with them in mind, it shows our patients that we believe they have the potential, that we haven’t given up on them, and that we can help them to improve to get them home.