Refurbishing G3 ward

Help us refurbish the G3 ward at Southampton Children’s Hospital for children with orthopaedic (bone) issues.

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The G3 ward at Southampton Children’s Hospital is the regional referral centre for children with orthopaedic (bone) issues.

Not only does the ward care for emergency admissions from children who have suffered a break following trauma, but also planned admissions for specialist treatment, such as surgery, limb lengthening and deformity correction, spinal surgery, as well as cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disorders.

Every year, the ward treats hundreds of patients from Hampshire, Dorset, and the Channel Islands.

While the care is exceptional, the hospital environment does not reflect this. The world of medicine is transforming all the time, and that’s why we invest so much effort into the renovation of older areas.

Five-year-old Harvey-Lee was diagnosed with a rare bone condition at Southampton Children’s Hospital. Now near the end of his treatment following a bone graft, he is one of only 200 cases having been reported. Mum, Jessica, tells us more:

“When Harvey-Lee was 10 months old, I found a lump on his clavicle (collarbone) and immediately called my local GP surgery who diagnosed him as having a broken clavicle.

After pressing for a second opinion, we were referred to Mr Wadia at Southampton Children’s Hospital where Harvey-Lee was diagnosed with Pseudarthrosis of the Clavicle.”

This is a rare disorder, usually diagnosed at birth, where the clavicle bone fails to develop properly causing mobility complications over time.

Jessica continues, “On 8 September 2022, he underwent an open reduction internal fixation operation. This is where bone was removed from his lower leg to fill the space in his collarbone. This was then fixed together with surgical plates and screws to allow it to knit back together properly.

While he stayed in hospital overnight after the surgery, he was doing so well that we were discharged the following day with just a dressing on his leg and arm, with an arm sling to maintain the natural positioning of his clavicle while it healed.

Following Harvey-Lee’s treatment, I would never want my son treated anywhere else other than at Southampton Children’s Hospital.”