Harnessing the power of machine learning to save lives

University Hospital Southampton is leading a pioneering research project about how machine learning – a form of artificial intelligence – provides systems the ability to learn and improve from data and prevent deaths, not just in the UK, but globally.


In the UK, nearly 80% of patients who experience cardiac arrest in hospital don’t survive. Experts estimate that around 50% of those patients could have been saved with more accurate prognosis and earlier warning.

Machine learning can use every piece of digitally available medical data to give a highly personalised, accurate risk score. It has the power to translate this data into actionable information to aid human judgement to help staff make correct and timely decisions and to decrease the chance of errors.

It eliminates reliance on ‘one size fits all’ clinical practice, giving recommendations for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment that is personalised to the individual patient.

The impact

This project is cutting edge innovation in medical care.

It is a truly unique pilot project which has huge potential to save lives and transform medical practice on an international scale.

The investment

Implementing the machine learning techniques at University Hospital Southampton will cost just £132,000 – a relatively modest investment for such significant potential to save lives.

Help us to harness the power of machine learning to save lives. 

Last updated: 19/03/2020

Machine learning in action