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F7 transition ward appeal

“F7 is a a transition ward for older people who are now medically fit and stable, but are waiting for discharge. Most were brought into hospital following a fall.”

“We aim to treat our patients as if they are at home and help them to be as independent as possible. At the heart of our care is keeping them mobilised little and often, so their muscles don’t get weak and their mood doesn’t drop.” Rita Campelo, F7 ward leader

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Dedicated staff on F7 ward are hoping to mirror the work done in the medicine for older people’s hub by creating a different experience for patients that feels less like a typical hospital ward and encourages people to get well.

With your support, we hope to fund some extras, like sofas, to help patients feel more settled and encourage them to get out of bed. It will lift their mood, keep their mind occupied and help them to get back home and enjoying life again.

Help the hospital staff make a real difference to patient’s lives. To date (August 2019) we have raised £7,581 towards the £10,900 target to complete this project.