Child Psychology Appeal

Children and young people living with health conditions are more likely to experience poor mental health than their peers.

Help us to do more to support the mental health of our young patients.

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Children and young people living with health conditions are more likely to experience poor mental health than their peers. And unsurprisingly, there has been a sharp increase in the number of young people struggling with their mental health due to the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Southampton Children’s Hospital employs a team of specialist psychologists who support children, young people and families who may be struggling following an admission or referral.

But they are not able to reach every child who needs their help. With your support, we would like to change that.

With your support, we will be able employ dedicated clinical psychologists who will devise a series of workshops, groups and psychoeducational resources:

  • Evening Groups: The groups will be held in the retreat rooms and communal spaces of the Children’s Hospital.
  • Tree of Life Groups: Tree of Life is an approach that helps children and young people to identify their strengths and improve their ability to cope with challenges
  • Resources: Developing videos and handouts to introduce the psychology service

The impact of psychological support

My daughter was diagnosed with a long-term health condition from birth. She is under the care of our local hospital, and the Southampton Children’s Hospital team oversee her care as the local centre of excellence.

While medication, diet and physical aspects of her care are taken care of, the teams do not deal with her emotions or worries about her condition.

We found that from a young age, she would ask lots of questions. We supported her as much as we could on our own and then about three years ago, the child psychology team were recommended to us as an additional form of support available.

After the first introductory meeting, my daughter was left to speak to the psychologists on her own. During the one-on-one sessions my daughter and her assigned psychologist built up a good relationship, and she continues to feel comfortable to express her feelings and discuss any topics she feels worried about. She has been provided with tools to help her manage her day-to-day struggles and emotions.

The psychology team provided me with separate sessions when I struggled with my own feelings about my daughter’s health condition and have also provided me with new skills and tools to deal with certain situations.

Like many people, Covid-19 was very isolating. The team continued to help and provide virtual session and offer tools to help us cope together as a family.

The fact the service is self-referral has been amazing. My daughter’s condition is not curable and therefore it is great to have the option to pause sessions if there is nothing pressing, however we know that there is an option to request additional help and support when needed without having to go through a long referral process.

We have found the support and guidance of the child psychology team in Southampton invaluable and would highly recommend them to any families in need of additional support.”