Movie Night

Host a virtual movie night, have fun, and raise money for your local hospital?

Usually, by the time we have left the cinema we have spent at least £20 on tickets, snacks and drinks.

Stay home, stay safe, have fun! Watch a movie and donate the cinema savings to Southampton Hospitals Charity.


How to guides

As long as you all have:

  • Access to Netflix
  • Access to Chrome

Then all you need to do is follow the instructions below, choose your film, invite your friends and get the treats ready!

If you need more help watch this video ..

Need help choosing a film?

We’ve got some great ideas…

Ben – Supporter Services Officer

Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobbie Brown. “She showed her support for UHS staff by donating to our Coronavirus Response Appeal – thank you Bobbie!”

The story of the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes…

Kelly Metcalfe – Events

“An uplifting tear jerker”

Wonder: A boy who has been home-schooled starts to attend a traditional school, where he must find friends amongst the bullies.

With stars like Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, this family drama is a winner!

Judith – Community Fundraiser

“One for the kids and adults alike, it is a great family film.”

Turbo: A speed obsessed snail dreams of being the world’s fastest race car and then…

One for the adults, a laugh out loud comedy!

Blended: After a bad blind date, a man and woman find themselves stranded at a resort together with their respective children. What could possibly go wrong?

All you need to do now is crack open the popcorn and enjoy