Skydive 2021/22

There’s no excuse for boring presents…!

Forget the regular birthday fillers and give someone a gift to top all others.

Unwrapping a tandem skydive, with 30 seconds of pulse-racing-freefall and a gentle parachute journey over the fabulous Wiltshire countryside is just a bit more exciting than the regular pressies!

Why not do something to really raise the bar?!

Sign up for a tandem skydive and raise money for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

Tandem skydiving is fast becoming one of the most popular high adrenaline activities. It’s a fantastic experience, perfect for making a special date memorable, marking a key milestone, or setting the bar for your life from that moment on.

Tandem Skydiving Raising Money for Southampton Hospitals Charity

Registration fee: £50pp (payable upon booking)

10,000 foot jump
Minimum sponsorship: £450* (£225 jump costs to GoSkydive, £225 to Southampton Hospitals Charity)

15,000 foot jump
Minimum sponsorship: £550* (£284 jump costs to GoSkydive, £266 to Southampton Hospitals Charity)

*Please note that we require the minimum sponsorship to be raised a minimum 4 weeks prior to the jump as this is when we will be invoiced for the jump. if this minimum sponsorship has not been reached, we will have to postpone your jump with GoSkydive.

Once you have made your booking, please let us know on 023 8120 8881 or

Booking skydives

Skydives can booked all throughout the year on an adhoc basis. All bookings for our skydives are made directly with ‘Go Skydive’ on 01722 568604 or at


You can also choose to use any skydive supplier at any location around the UK to raise money for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

GoSkydive are our preferred skydive supplier and are based at Old Sarum airfield near Salisbury. They are experts in tandem skydiving, specialising in first time skydives.

Their full qualified instructors are specially trained to look after first timers, their expertise (most have done in excess of 4,000 jumps) will instantly put you at ease as you realise you are jumping with the very best in the industry.

Skydives are an extremely brave way to fundraise so thank you in advance.

Let’s do this!