Captain Tom 100

Date of event: 3 May 2021

Friday 30 April 2021 would have been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday and the one year anniversary of the extraordinary celebrations following the now famous 100 laps of his garden that raised an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS.

Captain Tom’s family are inviting the world to celebrate his life with an event that everyone can get involved in to celebrate his generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought to millions, and his sense of fun.

From Friday 30 April to Monday 3 May, we are asking everyone to dream up a challenge based around the number 100.

It can be anything you like. There are no rules (apart from the Government lockdown guidelines) and it’s open to everyone.

Do it your way and have fun!

It could be walking 100 steps or running 100 metres, scoring 100 goals or baking 100 cakes. Building 100 sandcastles or writing a 100 word poem – anything at all, inside or outside.