25 July 2022

Bone marrow simulation training

The Wessex Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy team at University Hospital Southampton are proud to have been reported to have the best outcomes in Europe for their care and treatment.

Training and development are essential for maintaining the world-class reputation of our staff. Dr Srinivasan Narayanan, Consultant Haematologist, says: “In the hospital we conduct around 600 bone marrow biopsies every year.

These allow us to analyse samples of bone marrow which can lead to a diagnosis for a number of conditions.

Improving patient care

Through Southampton Hospitals Charity, we’ve been able to purchase a bone marrow biopsy skills training dummy that we can use to train our Junior Doctors and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to do bone marrow procedures.

Having a hands-on experience with the dummy prior to doing the procedure with patients, will help to improve the quality of sample obtained and improve the patient experience.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our clinical haematology fund to make this possible. We are already using the training dummy, and our staff really appreciate being able to practice this simulation training in a non-clinical environment.”

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